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The Original Black Inventions Traveling Museum

The International Black Inventions Museum was the first traveling museum of it kind. Founded in 1988 to promote and highlight inventions by Africans in the fields of science and technology around the world. The museum was later incorporated in 1994 and became international in 1997. The idea of this museum has since made it possible for other similar smaller museums being started or formed.

About IBIM, Inc.

The International Black Inventions Museum promotes positive images and self-esteem in children and adults and teaches people of all nationalities about the contributions that Africans throughout the world have given to society.

It is a mobile museum which travels nationally and internationally to inform in a visual display. The display consists of every day items such as the window cleaner, the egg beater, lawn mower, space shuttle retrieval and more.


Founded in 1988 by Valerie J. Robinson, known as Lady Sala S. Shabazz, The International Black Inventions Museum is a nonprofit corporation since 1994, and international in 1997 in Ghana, West Africa. Over 12,000,000 people have been exposed to the unique experience of The International Black Inventions Museum's presentation at more than 1,000 events nationally and internationally totaling over 38 states, 180 cities and four countries, including Toronto, Canada; Salvador, Bahia-Brazil; Ghana and Benin, West Africa.

The Museum Presentation

First Encounter
As the visitors enter, a list of inventions and contributions during the great Kingdoms of Africa.

Second Encounter
The visitors will then view the stark reality of slavery - The African Holocaust.

Third Encounter
The visitors then encounters the inventions of the 1880s to the present day containing artwork depicting inventors and inventions including pertinent historical information.

Previous Presentations

Schools and Colleges:  Over 1,500 elementary; middle and high schools; UCLA; USC; Binghamton University; Clark Atlanta University; Georgia State,;Pepperdine; and Notre Dame.

Corporations:  The Aerospace Corp.; McDonnel Douglas Corp.; Polaroid Corp.; Hewlett Packard; Oakridge National Laboratory; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Organizations:  Jack and Jill; Links; Delta Sigma Theta; NAACP; and Job Corp.

Expos:  Black Expo USA-17 major cities; Missouri Black Expo; Indianapolis Black Expo; Chicago Black Expo; and Invention Conventions-Pasadena.

Conferences:  National Society of Black Engineers; Congressional Black Caucus; Inventors Expo; and conference at Walt Disney World, Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida.

Festivals:  Gardena Cultural Arts Festival; the African Marketplace and Cultural Faire; Gulla Festival; and the National Black Arts Festival.

Other Venues:  Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles; The DuSable Museum of African American History; Correctional Institutions; Churches; Hospitals; and Libraries.

Internationally:   National Conferences of the Artists; International Women's Conference-Bahia, Brazil; Visions in Science-Toronto, Canada; Benin and Ghana, West Africa - Panafest, Floor of Parliament-rth Republic of Ghana; Appearances on Ghana Television; African History Month Celebrations and permanent location at W.E.B. DuBois Pan African Center Museum & Library.


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