CEO / Curator

Hamza Salifu

Kujichagulia Fehe Jua Wubontuo

Hamza Salifu, the son of Lady Sala Shabazz (founder of the International Black Inventions Museum), has been appointed as the Chief Executing Officer and Curator of the museum by its board of directors.

Hamza, who is usually referred to as the Encyclopedia Africana, was the host of "The Best of Little Known Black History Facts" - a show hosted on Radio Universe (Ghana) , and has interviewed most of the inventors featured on this site and inventors displayed in the International Black Inventions Museum (a travelling museum). He has accepted the duties of continuing the legacy set forth by his mother. His primary duties will be to continue educating other cultures on the contributions of black people, towards the development of the world. Contributions which ranges from social development and industrial changes to the field of science and technology. All of which has been left out of the history books.

The museum thanks and welcomes Hamza, as he embarks on this rewarding journey.


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