Sponsorship and Donation

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship corporations will convey a message to society that the company values education and encourages the pursuit of knowledge through its sponsorship and/or support of the highly-acclaimed, intellectually stimulating presentation of The International Black Inventors Museum.

Sponsorship will illustrate the open-mindedness to new information that affirms the worth of African Americans and other Africans of the Diaspora and promotes the idea of the global community where we should strive to live in harmony with nature as well as each other.

Outreach Benefits

  • Positive media coverage to children and adults to the global society
  • Printed items and materials with corporation's logo embossed for maximum impressions for future increase in business
    • Sponsorship will be expanded and focused on the outreach capacity to millions of individuals including school children, whose communities would not be able to afford it otherwise, and who are unaware of the scientific and industrial contributions of African Americans and other Africans of the Diaspora.
  • Corporation's name included in all media coverage associated with specific events sponsored.

Levels of Sponsorship

  • GOLD

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