ERRATA: Correction of misinformation and misspellings that have been published by several authors. Through the research of Lady Sala S. Shabazz, this information is provided as a service in providing accuracy in the dissemination of the accomplishments of African people throughout the world. You are encouraged to refer others to this page when the need arises.


HENRY T. SAMPSON - Inventor of Gamma Electric Cell
Dr. Henry T. Sampson has been mistakenly noted as the inventor of the cellular phone. According to Dr. Sampson, the Gamma Electric Cell, patented July 6, 1971, Patent No. 3,591,860 produces stable high-voltage output and current to detect radiation in the ground.

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TYPE-WRITING MACHINE by Lee S. Burridge and Newman B. Marshman invented new and useful improvements in typewriters.
The object of this invention is to provide an inexpensive and yet compete typewriter with very few parts, not liable to get out of order, requiring for its operation as few movements as in the case of expensive machines now in use, and which will admit of printing a sheet of paper of any length without the necessity of coiling or folding the same length.

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THOMAS J. MARTIN - Inventor of Fire Extinguishers
The patent refers to pipe and valves and not the wall hanging type of extinguisher that is normally displayed.

From the abstract and description taken from the patent - "The nature of invention relates to the construction, arrangement and combination of suitable pipes and valves for conducting water from suitable reservoirs to buildings by means of stationary engines, for the purpose of preventing or extinguishing fires in dwellings, mills, factories, towns and cities and may also be used for warning, ventilating and washing buildings and for washing pavements and sprinkling streets."

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JOHN STANARD - Inventor of Refrigerator
Correct spelling of name: JOHN STANARD and not STANDARD. Stanard invented certain new and useful improvements in refrigerators.

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