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Six (6) set of Black Inventors and their Inventions (size: 6x14 each)
* Black Inventors and their Inventions
* African Women Inventors
* Tribute to George Washington Carver
* Black Engineers
* Inventions in Firefighting
* Inventions in Railroad System


The African American Inventions Series (CD-ROM)
12 historical inventions brought to life through the magic of digital graphics.


The Best of the Little Known Black History Facts (Book)
THE BEST OF THE LITTLE KNOWN BLACK HISTORY FACTS, LADY SALA SHABAZZ, Historian and Author, in 1994 began providing "The Little Known Black History Facts" to Tom Joyner of The Tom Joyner Morning Show. Through the dessimination of information featured on the radio in many syndicated cities in the United States, this partnership promotes positive images and self-esteem in Africans throughout the world, especially the youth. This is the first of four volumes dedicated to concise and inspiring facts about people of African Heritage.

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Masters of Inventions (DVD)
Everyday we are surrounded by the ingenuity of countless African -Americans whose inventions have helped to shape the modern world, starting with the days of slavery and moving forward to the present. Making It Happen: Masters of Invention features a variety of Black Inventors who have made major contributions to the progress of society. From inventions/ astronomer Benjamin Banneka, and Edison's rival Lewis Latimer, Garrett Morgan, inventor of the traffic signal, and Alice Parker and Granville T. Woods, the minds behind centralized heating and the subway train, this video showcases some of the many inventions of African-American men and women that have enhanced the quality of life for people in the 19th,20th and now 21st centuries. The program uses a wealth of archival footage to document the creativity and achievements of African-Americans in fields of engineering, Science, communications, Health care, Agriculture, Transportation and manufacturing, Hosted by Glynn Turman.

$20.00 (Out of stock)

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